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Adventure awaits! Discover the secrets of Eternity while collecting rare loot and characters. Advance your Heroes to level 50 while campaigning in Eternity.
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Welcome to the World of Eternity
A Land of Adventures

Eternity is a fantasy-themed NFT Role-Playing Game featuring a beautifully crafted, living world that is constantly evolving.

In Eternity, your group of heroes will adventure through campaigns and dungeons, fighting other-worldly denizens while earning rewards and finding new heroes who are eager to join you on your conquest!

How it Works
Build Your Heroes
Start Your Journey
Earn Rewards

In Eternity, each Hero comes with points for you to spend, items to equip and skills to choose so you can make your own builds!

Every adventure yields experience points to further improve your Heroes' capabilities in battle!

Meet the Heroes

The assassin is a mystery. He is the fastest of any member in the party and cripples enemies with various poisons, the origin of which are still unknown, as are its antidotes.

The assassin strikes swiftly and may not kill enemies with one blow but leaves them bleeding, and crippled by poison.

His abilities are more challenging to master, but once mastered can drive the most powerful foes to their knees.His abilities focus on swift attacks, poison, and debuffs.

Play & Earn
Earn NFTs and More!

In Eternity, you are rewarded by simply playing the game! In every completed adventure you can earn coins, consumables and usable NFT items from the most common to the rarest kind to make your heroes even more powerful!

Progressing through Campaigns and Epic Adventures may also reward you with new NFT heroes to make your party stronger!

Available Rewards
Heroes (NFTs)

New heroes join the fold! Earn from common to mythic heroes as Campaigns rewards!

Items (NFTs)

From common items to high tier gear. All reward items are NFTs owned by you to use or sell!


Gold is the common currency in Eternity and is used to fuel your adventures throughout the realm.


Glory is a rare reward and can only be found in the most dangerous adventures!

True Ownership

If you can't sell it, it's not truly yours! Any NFT that you receive while playing Eternity belongs to you. Buy, and sell directly through Eternity's marketplace.

Buy, sell, lend and earn anytime you want using Eternity's marketplace.


Not just another dice roll crypto game! Eternity is a game packed with actual gameplay mechanics, strategies, character animations, intelligent AI system and many more incredible features!

Real Battle System

Eternity offers real gameplay mechanics where every action is animated. When casting a spell or using an ability against your enemies, you see the action happening in real-time! Gameplay features:

Pvp and PvE
Co-op Adventures
Advanced Combat AI
Extensive Character Progression
Combat Replays
Campaigns and Quests

Level your characters by progressing through the expansive world of Eternity. Enjoy the music and battlegrounds as you earn experience in the game. Eternity offers:

Massive World to Explore
Boss Fights
Quests and Achievements
Player Created Lore and Extensive Backstories
Unique Scenery
NFTs and Marketplace

Through the Eternity Premium Item Creation System (EPICS), Eternity offers thousands of NFTs that can be obtained through questing, adventuring and campaigning across the land. Eternity offers:

NFT Heroes
NFT Items
Different Rarities
All NFTs are useable in-game
Buy and Sell NFTs in the Auction House
Banking, Land, and More

Eternity is packed with many other features, from ownable plots of land, to an in-game bank where you can stake to earn special rewards. Eternity offers:

Stake GLORY to Earn Rewards
Quests and Achievements
Player Owned Lands (future)
Special Events and Scholarship Programs
Original Soundtrack
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