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Step by Step
Step 1
Choose a Network

Eternity plans to be a multi-chain game playable in many different networks. For now, Eternity is available exclusively on:


To start playing the game, choose the Avalanche network in your wallet and ensure you have enough native tokens for gas fee transactions.

Step 2
Purchase your first heroes

You will need at least 4 heroes from different classes to start an adventure. You can purchase heroes in the following places:

Bought from other players in Eternity's Auction House (Market)
Heroes Starter pack in Eternity's General Store.
Heroes boxes in Eternity's General Store.

If you choose to purchase heroes from the General Store, ensure you have a mininum of 160 $FRAX for the Common Starter Pack.

If you choose to purchase heroes from the Auction House, you will need to have Glory/Gold coins.


Glory Contract

Gold Contract

Step 3
Start Adventuring

With your group of heroes purchased, it's time to prepare for your first adventure!

1) Go to the Hall of Heroes
2) Spend each hero's available attribute points. Refer to the wiki for help.
3) Go to the Portal and pick one of the available adventures.
4) Gather your group of heroes and click Start Adventure.
5) Have fun!

When you are ready, click the button below to launch the game and start your adventure!

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