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Supported Android Browsers

Officially Supported Browsers for Android


Eternity RPG leverages your default browser chosen by you on your device. Most functionality will work with any browser, but some browsers lack certain features. In particular, when trying to purchase items with Google, only the officially supported browsers will allow Google Play to request a purchase. Don't feel like changing your default browser? No worries, Eternity RPG is designed to be a full game without any purchases!

Requirements for Payment

In order to make in-game purchases, you'll need the following installed on your Android device:

  • Google Play Installed

  • Supported Browser

Setting your default browser

Don't have a supported browser installed? Start here.

When you update your default browser on your phone, you change the browser the game runs in. Since this is a new technology, not all browsers support the same features. As more browsers support more features, we'll keep adding new supported browsers! In the meantime, here's how to change your default browser.

Every Android phone is slightly different, but most Android operating system have an Apps section where you can configure your Default Apps. Once you have one of our supported browsers, you can simply choose the browser as your default browser. Next time you start Eternity, it will use this browser!

Settings page with default applications